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Thoughts on Turning 60

This is the day I hit the 60 mark. I seem to have arrived here remarkably quickly. I’m very happy to be here. Each day there are many new things to learn and each day there is much to contribute. There is a very satisfying balance between challenge, curiosity and contentment. I’m unbelievably healthy and mobile and count my blessings each day, as I have not always treated my body as a temple. I have excellent friends and family and am very appreciative to have them in my life.

I offered to help a lovely and elderly lady with her recycling and garbage the other day. She declined with a smile and said, “I do everything a little slower than I used to, but I still like to do everything.”

I chuckled and replied, “I’m on the same path. Just a few steps behind.”

She smiled even more broadly and quipped, “It sure beats the alternative.”

We both laughed, bid each other adieu and carried on with our days. I really enjoy those random moments of connection and laughter and look forward to actively seeking them out at every opportunity.

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