Self Regard, Emotional Expression, Reality Testing and Resilience

This is a powerful, moving and bang on TedX talk from Elizabeth White.

Powerful Talk by Jim Gilliam

Watch this powerful speech by Jim Gilliam from the Personal Democracy Forum 2011.

Set The Bar Higher

Here’s a great TED talk on work/life balance. Enjoy and reflect.

Same Night, Different Emotions

I had a very interesting time last night. I was in downtown Victoria to view a movie at The Victoria Film Festival. The movie is “Fathers and Sons” and I would highly recommend it. It will be shown again next Sunday at the Capitol 6 cinemas. The movie is a great exploration of the often complex relationship between fathers and sons, and is at times deeply poignant, thought provoking and hilarious. It is a fine example of non-Hollywood Canadian film making which most of us do not get to see outside of film festivals. It is sad to see such quality cinema unavailable outside of a few festivals every year. It is the hard reality of the purview of movie distributors.

While I was walking to the theatre, I came upon the Y’s street van and caught the eye of Betty, who I hired in 2004. Betty has been doing an outstanding job on the front lines of outreach work with marginalized youth for the last seven years. Betty brings a wealth of experience, training and insight to the job and is held in high regard by the youth she works with regularly and the assorted social services professionals with whom she interacts. We didn’t exchange pleasantries. Betty immediately launched into the sad results of the latest round of an RFP (Request for Proposal) process by the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD). Betty was now operating the program solo. Her colleague for the past seven years, Travis, had worked his last shift last Thursday. With MCFD shifting their funding to another agency, it puts the whole project in jeopardy. VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) provides the bulk of the remaining funding for the street van and one wonders how long they will continue that process now that the service hours are reduced and the other funder has departed. It is another sad story in the unravelling of our social support fabric in Victoria. My thoughts go out to both Betty and Travis, and my thanks for your years of dedicated and superb service delivery on the streets of Victoria.

Interesting Explanation of Resilience

Here’s a series of short videos regarding resilience and the absolute importance of it whether you are an ecosystem (you actually are) or a human. Don’t get hung-up on the whiteboard or the Australian accent. There is good information in this series of short videos.

Resilience Explanation

Camp, Disneyland and Michael Eisner

I received a great book for my birthday this past summer. The book is Camp, by Michael Eisner, the longtime driving force at Disney. All of the proceeds from the book are donated to The Eisner foundation, which provides scholarships to send under-served children to his alma mater, Camp Keewaydin, in Vermont. The book will resonate for anyone who has spent time at a quality summer residential camp. By quality, I mean a camp committed to the developmental assets of children and adolescents; a place where young people are encouraged to develop social and emotional intelligence as they engage in activities which allow them to learn much about themselves; a place where young adults have meaningful responsibilities placed on them by thoughtful and supportive mentors.

Camp Keewaydin is just such a place and Eisner brings its past and present to life with his thoughts and memories of being a second generation camper and staff member at Keewaydin. He credits much of his success as an adult, both personally and in the business world, to the life lessons he learned at summer camp. He feels (as do I) that the skills learned at camp are invaluable and very transferable to situations encountered throughout life.

The book came to mind today as I reflected on camp staff throughout the world writing Christmas cards or emails to their campers of the past season and trying to decide if they are going to return for one more fabulous camp season. Camp directors giving thought to their senior staff positions for the coming season and planning their 2011 marketing approach in a tight market. Parents talking with their kids about which camp or which session they want to attend this coming summer. Just a quick note here for parents who feel they can’t afford to send their kids to camp: all reputable camps offer camperships, so check out that option. Best of luck all you camp folks and if you get a chance, give Camp a read.

Here’s the book.