Sex, drugs & hiphop

Okay, not all hiphop leads to sex and drugs. 

But parents at times feel as though their home life is out of control or that they are “living with a runaway train”. Teen culture can be scary and alienating for parents who are experiencing conflict with their teen(s).

Responding, not Reacting

How parents choose to respond, rather than react, can make all the difference in creating and keeping a solid connection with their kids. Parents who engage in our coaching services have discovered more resilience during the difficult moments that can lead to disconnect.

“It sounds crazy now, but we thought our son needed fixing. Kim was clear that our style of parenting was in need of adjustment and change commensurate with the developmental changes our son was experiencing. We evolved as more capable leaders in our own family.”

Wilma, Calgary

“I wanted her fixed. She was 14 and out of control and I was scared, angry and confused. It was a dark and scary place and PathCrafters helped me turn my life around. I developed leadership skills and regained my relationship with my daughter.”

P.F. Vancouver