Coaching can be your superpower

Do you feel adrift? Are you in a mid-season slump? Is there a yearning for more focus or clarity regarding the path you are on? Are you having difficulty articulating to yourself, and/or others, what it is you want to create with your life? 

When you work with PathCrafters you can expect to see a marked improvement in your resilience through expanding your emotional intelligence.

Work with us, learn, grow

  • increase self-awareness of who and how you are being
  • understand and better utilize the working components of your emotional operating system
  • increase your emotional literacy
  • communicate more effectively
  • face challenges from new perspectives
  • interact with others in a more emotionally intelligent mode
  • reduce the level of conflict in your life

We work from the core belief that everyone has the capacity for positive change, no matter how daunting present circumstances may seem. The foundation of resilience is built with emotional intelligence competencies. Let’s start now. One way to start is by taking the  EQ-i 2.0 assessment, followed by a debrief and 2 coaching sessions. Contact me now for further details.

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Emotional intelligence assessments & coaching

The EQi 2.0 is a comprehensive and valid assessment tool that, in conjunction with other sources of information, provides a rich foundation for personal and professional development, competency modeling, and star performer analyses.

Emotional intelligence assessments are helpful in a wide range of contexts because it gives instant feedback on your strengths and challenges. MHS sets the standards within the industry and the exciting introduction of the new assessments is upon us. This latest revision integrates feedback from over 700 leaders, coaches, counselors, participants, and researchers to bring you the most advanced and thoroughly researched measure of emotional intelligence in the assessment industry.

Going through the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, debrief and followup coaching creates an opportunity to heighten one’s self-awareness and vocabulary regarding one’s emotional operating system. Let’s face it, understanding and talking about emotions can be uncomfortable. Are you interested in enhancing your emotional intelligence? If so, contact us today to arrange to take the assessment and have a professional debrief.

Postsecondary prep and coaching

Being a student preparing for University is an interesting challenge. Between entrance requirements, juggling finances and work, and family realities, getting to University is a complex journey

We are very aware of the intensity and complexity of the post-secondary path. Having a coach while you prepare for your post secondary career is a fantastic way to get an edge.

How is school going? Getting everything you hoped out of it?

Excelling and networking and developing your leadership skills during your university career can be a crucial step toward a successful working career.

EI skills can help

Increasing  your awareness of your emotional operating system and engaging in on-going development of your capacities in the area of Emotional Intelligence yields immediate and lifelong benefit. Engaging in an assessment, debrief and Coaching is a great step towards understanding and improving your EI.

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