Build your resilience

PathCrafters works with individuals and families who are experiencing challenges or roadblocks in generating the quality of lives they want to be living. We also work with organizations who experience difficulties generating the level of performance they want to be achieving.

What is resilience coaching?

Resilience is the capacity to accurately assess and then respond constructively to adversity, crises or transitional life events. Resilience Coaching will help you strengthen your ability to find enjoyment in life, while handling future stressors better. Resilience skills empower you to act productively in the stressful situations all people face at various points on their life paths.

Resilience is the result of understanding, developing and enhancing your emotional intelligence. The EQ framework gives us a common language with which to develop your skills and thus improve your quality of life. Call us now for a free consultation.

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Resilience through emotional intelligence leads to thriving rather than surviving, no matter what challenges we are facing.

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