Coaching helps organizations respond

Organizations, whether they are private sector businesses or nonprofits, can find themselves caught between their goals and what they’re currently achieving. Financial and political realities can be significant constraints on the mandate and functioning of any organization.

You have an important vision for your company or agency, and PathCrafters can work with you to ensure that this vision is being walked by you, your management team and your front line staff.

We provide consultations, coaching and full service program evaluations.

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Program evaluation

Outside eyes can bring a fresh perspective and a little objectivity (not absolute!) to your organization. How do you know where you’re at? How effective are your services? Are you doing what you say you’re doing and what you want to be doing? Is your program accessible? Are you responsive to change, as an organization, as groups or as individuals? How do you grow in a way that is both creative and sustainable

Our first step in program evaluation is to pay attention. We submerse ourselves in your world and work to understand your organization. Let’s face it, there are different reasons to do a program evaluation. Getting clarity on your interests and goals creates a context of openness and honesty.

We have a talent for facilitation and analysis. And we’re sensitive to context. If there is a good fit between PathCrafters and your organization, we’re committed to:

  • making effective and doable recommendations for change,
  • providing the follow through and coaching required to support that change.

Everyone in an organization is connected

Everyone has an impact on effective service delivery and organizational culture. It is important to ascertain how our individual behavioural patterns affect our own actions and impact others. We work with workplace leaders to inspire, motivate and support team members to effectively and creatively deliver your mandate.

The foundation of our approach to organizational coaching

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Systematic Emotional Intelligence Skill Development
  • Transtheoretical Model of Change
  • Sequential and Integrated approach
  • Humour

Some of our guiding beliefs

  • Resilience skill sets can be enhanced.
  • Emotional Intelligence can be increased.
  • Old, established and ineffective patterns of behaviour can be changed.
  • Change is inevitable and it is far more energizing and fun to have a role in creating change, rather than waiting for it to happen.

EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Quotient Inventory Assessment

The concept of EQ has been gaining the attention of leaders worldwide. Why? Because research demonstrates that leaders with superior EQ produce superior results. Such findings have spurred many organizations to use EQ assessment tools to screen candidates for high profile positions. EQ assessment and followup coaching has enjoyed significant growth because it produces solid results.

The only emotional intelligence self-report tool that’s been scientifically demonstrated to be both reliable and valid – the two criteria that all psychological, mental health and vocational tests must meet in order to be worthwhile.

EQ-360 2.0 Assessment

The EQ-i 2.0 self-report identifies the level of an individual’s interpersonal functioning based on his or her own responses. The EQ-360 2.0 is a multirater assessment which probes further by having those who work closely with the individual provide information about them as well. The objective of the EQ-360 2.0 is to combine external impressions of a person’s emotional functioning with the person’s self-report for a complete picture.

The Emotional Intelligence Training Company, Inc.

Kim Cairns also works with EITC delivering transformational leadership consulting and coaching for businesses and organizations.

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