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I signed up for a twitter account last Friday. My friend and colleague, Sherwin Arnott, signed up and that was the primary shift in my previous resistance to tweeting. I trust Sherwin to be my guide re. all things internet.

I proceeded with a degree of trepidation, not knowing what to expect, not really knowing what to do. You know, all those feelings of being a learner. Mixed with my hesitation was a definite curiosity about social media in general and specifically, twitter. I’m really happy curiosity quickly won the internal struggle. It has been fascinating. I have access to a wealth of information, bright minds, creative individuals and groups and a wonderful new source of information regarding our Canadian federal election.

News and updates fly at a furious pace. For instance, 10 minutes ago I learned the Broadcasters Consortium has once again barred Elizabeth May (leader of the National Green Party) from the televised debates between political leaders. Not an emotionally intelligent decision. They pulled the same thing in 2008 and then reversed their decision at the last minute due to a large public outcry. The 2011 protest has already begun courtesy of social media.

Elizabeth May will participate in the debates and it will be due in large part to the truly democratic process of social media. Wake up power brokers. I believe we are maybe entering a new age and stage. I think we will be experiencing our own version of Arab Spring.

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