iPhone 4S

Apple just released the latest iPhone today. They have named it iPhone 4S. My initial reading of the reviews indicate some new features focussing on increased speed of downloads, an improved camera, and an organizational assistant app. So far it still cannot cook Boeuf Bourguignon a la Julia Child, but I’m sure that is in the developmental pipeline in Cupertino.

Frankly, I find it tiresome and troublesome. All this frenzy around the latest tech buzz at a time when the notion of declining resources and unsustainable development should be firmly planted in every cranium on the globe. Yes, the new gadgets are shiny and bright and promise to make all of our lives easier.¬† This is supposed to eclipse, and in fact blind, we Canadians to the inevitability and irrevocability of high priced 3 year plans. Does there really need to be a new and improved version of everything every 6.7 months? Today, I’m feeling a bit like I am in the bowels of the Coliseum in Rome.

Coincidentally, on the same day, Health Canada announces we should still not have major health concerns regarding cell phone use, while advising more limited use by children. How many of you are aware R.I.M. advises Blackberry users to hold the phone 1 inch away from the head while using and Apple advises 5/8 inch for iPhone users?  Both recommendations are clearly articulated in the manuals accompanying both phones. With over 24 million cell phones in Canada, these corporate derrieres are comfortably covered.

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